Men’s Health: 6 Prostate Cancer Myths Debunked

Men are supposed to be men. They aren’t supposed to talk about their feelings or problems. They’re supposed to hold their cards close to the vest, and they’re never supposed ...

6 Health Myths That Just Won't Die

6 Health Myths That Just Won’t Die

  Everyone knows someone who buys into urban legends with the enthusiasm of a conspiracy theorist. Or maybe it’s something you read on the internet that stuck, despite your best ...

When to Call 911 Instead of Driving to the Emergency Room

Your loved one is walking up the stairs to your home when suddenly—OUCH!—she misses a step. Her ankle swells to three times its normal size. So what do you do—call ...

Getting more exercise from daily activity

Getting More Exercise Out of Daily Activities

Most people thing it is difficult to find time to exercise, but ...

Is Your Heart Working Too Hard?

Utahns take pride in living a healthy lifestyle. Compared to other states, ...

Healthy Eating Made Simple

For lunch one day my coworkers and I decided to hit a ...

Healthy Conversations

Testosterone – Running on Empty ?

5 million American men have testosterone deficiency Nearly 40% of American men have testosterone deficiency, or hypogonadism. Could you or someone you know be one of them? Testosterone, the predominately male sex hormone (women have some too) is produced in the testicles and to a much lesser extent in the adrenal glands (small organs that [...]

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Men vs. Boys (and the price of their toys)

A Doctor’s Perspective On Guys, Cars and their Check-ups “The difference between men and boys is…” There really isn’t much difference: they still care more about their toys than their bodies. The average boy loves cars; the love affair blossoms fully in adulthood. Most men can tell you all sorts of annoying facts about their [...]

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Erectile Dysfunction: A Complex Problem with Many Solutions

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects more than half of American men over age 50, and none of them are happy about it. With each passing decade beyond 50 the incidence of ED increases by another 10%. Aging, diseases like diabetes and high-blood pressure, low levels of testosterone, smoking, and certain medications all contribute (see table 1). [...]

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When reviewing your daycare’s policies on toy sanitation

Want Healthy Kids? What to Look for in Daycare Policies to Keep Kids Healthy

If you’re considering daycare for your little one, you can be sure of one thing: He’ll probably get sick. A nuisance in the early years, sure, but there is a silver lining. The same kids that get sick in daycare are likely to develop immunity to illnesses in the longer term. This means they’ll probably [...]

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21 hours per week - the amount of time family caregivers spend helping a loved one with daily activities.

Self-Care For the Caregiver: 3 Common Family Caregiver Health Issues

Your life as a caregiver is all about taking care of someone else. Along the way, it’s easy to forget about your own health. While you’re cooking meals, lifting your disabled loved one after a fall or keeping track of  medications, you have somehow ignored your own doctor’s appointments. And when was the last time [...]

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