ER Vs. Urgent Care: Which One Do You Need To Go To?

Whenever you need medical attention right away, it’s scary. When you’re in pain, you want help—and you want it now. Both the ER and urgent care provide solutions for a ...

Flu Prevention For Seniors: Do You Know How To Stay Flu-Free? [Quiz]

The man in front of you in line at the grocery store sounds like he’s going to cough his lungs right out of his body. The teenager behind you is ...

Building Healthy Habits For Weight Loss—And For Life

Many people use the start of a new year as a chance to get going on weight loss goals that they’ve put off for one reason or another. For instance, ...

Are Parents Driving the Childhood Obesity Epidemic?

How many obese kids are in the average middle school or high ...

Understanding Types Of Hysterectomy: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding

A hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus, is a major decision many ...

3 Reasons An Ambulance Beats Driving For Heart Attacks And Strokes

You woke up this morning with discomfort in your chest, and your ...

Healthy Conversations

Get Motivated To Lose Weight In 7 Steps

1. Think About Why You Want To Lose Weight. Start by taking a look at the reasons behind your desire to lose weight. For instance, maybe your family has a history of chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. And being overweight or obese only increases your risk of keeping that tradition going. [...]

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Shoveling Snow? Follow Your Heart And Read This First

The snow is covering your car, your house, your whole town. Yep, winter’s officially here. So, you put on your winter gear, grab the shovel from the garage, and get to work clearing the driveways and sidewalks. It might be the right thing to do for your home, but is it the right thing to [...]

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5 Strategies To Get Rid Of Bad Daily Habits—For Good

Those bad daily habits you have aren’t new to you. You know it’s not a good practice to eat a ton of junk food late at night or veg out watching lots of TV instead of exercising. But you find yourself constantly repeating your bad habits. What’s the key to breaking that cycle and adopting [...]

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Caregiver Stress: Dealing With Criticism While Caring For Aging Parents

No matter what you do, your ailing parents complain. Tonight’s dinner was bland. You missed a spot when you cleaned mom’s room. And your ears are still ringing from their non-stop complaints about how you’re raising your children. Your once close relationship with your mom or dad has been diminished to a bunch of tasks [...]

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Senior Health: 6 Tips On Proper Nutrition To Age Gracefully

Nutrition is important at every age, but needs change as you grow older. At this stage, you may have special issues, such as chronic illnesses, physical limitations, or other factors that can make it more difficult to get the right balance of nutritious foods. To age gracefully and maintain senior health, you may need to [...]

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