Making Exercise Fit In

As a mother of young kids and babies, I have often pondered about how it seems the only mom-things I get done without serious kid drama are those that are interruptible. Take dishes for example. I can do dishes in spurts. Put a dish in the dishwasher, hand wash a big bowl, and then stop any time to change a diaper, read a story, stop a fight or put a dear one in time out. Same goes for laundry, sweeping, even checking my email and paying bills.

But take the things that require uninterrupted time – even just 15 minutes uninterrupted – and they are the toughest things to get done while the kids are awake. Like showering, reading, blogging or (and most especially) exercising. There’s just something about doing something that the kids know they are not a part of that simply drives them bonkers. Talk about a call for tears and tantrums, just try to tell your kids you have to exercise for a few minutes, or try to take a shower with the door locked.

I have to believe it’s not just stay-at-home moms that have this try-to-exercise-tomorrow scheduling syndrome. Those who work 8 to 5 jobs have the same challenge: When to fit exercise in on a crazy busy schedule – and when there are 7 other more interesting things to do with the 5 minutes you have to yourself each day.

We all know that exercising is one of those pay-off-big-in-the-future things that really needs to happen.

Benefits include weight control, less health conditions and diseases, improved moods, energy boosts, better sleep, and better sex; plus, exercise can be fun.

My solution for exercise on a mommy schedule is to make it interruptible. Throughout the day I try to find moments where I can do a 30-second plank, some sit-ups, lunges, or pick up the hand weights and do biceps and triceps for 3 minutes. The kids still sometimes attack, but I can withstand for a few minutes, and sometimes they copy me and it becomes fun.

Another suggestion for exercising on a busy schedule is two-minute high-intensity intervals where you bust a gut at jumping jacks, then switch to bicycle crunches, then burpees, and so forth.

Or, try slipping in one of those 10-minute exercise DVDs that are out there now.

Then tell your doctor about your new goals and plan. It’s always advantageous to team up with your doctor. Especially those who have the challenge of obesity tied in with their exercise goals -  they will have the greatest tools for success by teaming up with their doctors. At St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, weight management along with possible surgical treatments are part of a comprehensive program. The program at St Mark’s hospital helps people finally win the weight loss battle by surrounding their patients with weight loss specialists including surgeons, psychologists, registered dietitians and nurses.

Almost as important as anything else in living a happy and healthy life, is being able to meet the goals that we set, whether weight loss, exercise, or overall healthier living. May we all seek to find the ways to include into our busy schedules the steps necessary to reach success.

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