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5 Keys to a Healthy Heart | St. Mark's Hospital

5 Keys to a Healthy Heart

Do you know which organ is the body’s strongest? How about which muscle does the most work over the course of a lifetime? If you guessed the heart, you are correct. Tipping the scale at a mere 11 ounces (on average), this little muscle has got some serious work cut out for itself. Typically, a [...]

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Preventing the Top 5 Threats to Women’s Health

When it comes to health risks, women and men aren’t the same. In fact, you may be surprised to learn which conditions pose the highest health risks to women. Our specialists at Brigham City Hospital have put together a list of things you can do to help prevent these top threats to women’s health. Heart [...]

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Getting more exercise from daily activity

Getting More Exercise Out of Daily Activities

Most people thing it is difficult to find time to exercise, but what if it’s easier than you think? What if simple things you do every day could act as mini-workouts? Here are a few examples of daily activities that are actually exercise. Get more from walking. When life seems too busy and you find [...]

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What is a Coronary Artery Bypass?

A lot of life’s problems are things we can fix on our own. If you buy a bum car, you can (gulp) buy a new one. If you spill grape juice on the couch, you can flip the cushion. And family arguments can be resolved with a little compromise and a lot of love. But [...]

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Rehab for your Heart

Rebuild. Restore. Readapt. Redeem. Rejuvenate. Repair. Refresh. Revitalize. What do these words have in common? Ok, obviously they all start with the prefix “re.” But they are all very important parts of yet another “re” word—rehabilitation. The term “rehab” covers a wide scope; there are many different forms of rehab that help patients with a [...]

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