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Why A NICU Matters When Choosing Where To Give Birth

When you find out that you’re pregnant, there are lots of different factors that go into deciding where to give birth. How far the hospital is from your home, whether they take your insurance, and what kind of privacy the labor and delivery rooms offer are all important points to consider. But there’s another important [...]

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Some sources estimate that the success rate is near 85% for women who have had one miscarriage, and 75% for women who have had two or more miscarriages.

The Truth About Pregnancy After Miscarriage

People who haven’t had personal experience with miscarriage may not fully grasp how hard this loss can be for parents-to-be. Many times, they can be overcome by grief, disappointment and the anxiety about trying again. That’s perfectly normal, and the good news is that most women who have a first miscarriage are able to conceive [...]

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Is flex time right for you?

How To Ask for Flex Time When You’re A New Mom

Now, that you’ve gotten through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, you’re a full-fledged mom. Now that your maternity leave is coming to an end, you’re starting to think about—or even worry about—what life will look like when you go back to work. Do you wish you could work around your baby’s schedule? Maybe you need to [...]

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Find out how many people the hospital allows in the delivery room, choose people you are 100% comfortable with.

5 People You Want on Your Labor and Delivery Team

When you’re expecting, everyone wants to help you through the labor and delivery process. Having a team in place can be a huge stress relief and help you focus on the big job: delivering your baby. There will be some people you’ll invite to join you at the hospital. These core people will be responsible [...]

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Embarrassing pregnancy symptoms you wish someone would have told you about

Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms You Wish You’d Been Warned About

You may think you know everything when it comes to bodily changes during pregnancy. After all, you’ve read the usual pregnancy books, discussed what to expect during pregnancy with your doctor ad nauseum and talked to all of your friends and family members about their experiences. Nothing will come as a surprise now—right? Wrong. Here [...]

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