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Some sources estimate that the success rate is near 85% for women who have had one miscarriage, and 75% for women who have had two or more miscarriages.

The Truth About Pregnancy After Miscarriage

People who haven’t had personal experience with miscarriage may not fully grasp how hard this loss can be for parents-to-be. Many times, they can be overcome by grief, disappointment and the anxiety about trying again. That’s perfectly normal, and the good news is that most women who have a first miscarriage are able to conceive [...]

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Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Snoring And Fatigue—Could They Be Signs Of Sleep Apnea?

Sleep should be restful. It should restore your inner and outer self. And it should give your mind a chance to process all that you’ve experienced throughout your day. People with sleep apnea aren’t necessarily getting those benefits. They often wake up feeling exhausted, and their snoring may be keeping their spouses up, too. Sleep [...]

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About 70% of Americans don’t know CPR or their training has lapsed

How To Do CPR on a Pregnant Woman

On TV, performing CPR seems simple. A few chest compressions and a little bit of mouth-to-mouth and the grateful victim is giving hugs all around. In real life, CPR isn’t that simple, especially not if a pregnant woman is the one who needs it. The primary reasons to perform CPR, says the National Institutes of [...]

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If you’re expecting another baby, let your child know she’s still important

Having a Baby? How to Explain to Your Older Child

So, you’re pregnant again. And it’s time to share your news with someone who’s reaction could be very hard to predict—your other child or children. Here’s what you should know about explaining pregnancy to your child as well as how to make sure he doesn’t feel left out once the new baby arrives. When should [...]

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Is flex time right for you?

How To Ask for Flex Time When You’re A New Mom

Now, that you’ve gotten through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, you’re a full-fledged mom. Now that your maternity leave is coming to an end, you’re starting to think about—or even worry about—what life will look like when you go back to work. Do you wish you could work around your baby’s schedule? Maybe you need to [...]

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