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Embarrassing pregnancy symptoms you wish someone would have told you about

Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms You Wish You’d Been Warned About

You may think you know everything when it comes to bodily changes during pregnancy. After all, you’ve read the usual pregnancy books, discussed what to expect during pregnancy with your doctor ad nauseum and talked to all of your friends and family members about their experiences. Nothing will come as a surprise now—right? Wrong. Here [...]

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Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight Gain During Pregnancy: How Much Is Healthy?

For some women, pregnancy and pig out are synonyms. But when it comes to weight gain during pregnancy, aim for the Goldilocks rule: not too much, not too little. Gaining too much weight or not gaining enough could have health risks for you and your baby. Here’s what you should know about weight gain during [...]

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4 Steps to Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy in Your Young Adult Years

Many young people think of their twenties and early thirties as a giant party—with a little school or work mixed in. But here’s what most people don’t consider: the young adult years determine what the middle age and older adult years will be like. And you’re an older adult for much longer than you are [...]

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How To Stay Healthy After 50: Five Great Tips

50: it’s a powerful number. You might be starting to feel your age in some ways. Other days you may look at yourself and think: I feel great. Either way, as you age it’s important to take close care of yourself so that you can stay around for another 50 years, hopefully, and remain as [...]

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Facts about the HPV Vaccine

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be hard to talk about. The stigma makes it taboo, despite how often people are infected. One in particular is especially common: About 79 million Americans are currently infected with Human Papillomavirus (HPV)—making it the most common STI. If you’re sexually active, you could be at risk. HPV spreads through [...]

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