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5 Often Forgotten Supplies to Include in Your Home First Aid Kit

If someone asked you what supplies should be include in a home first aid kit, what come to mind? You can probably list the basics right away: bandages, gauze, medical tape, some antibiotic ointment – stuff that’s mostly useful for cuts and scrapes. But, what about fevers or other ailments like stomach viruses? And are [...]

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The RAGNAR Wasatch Back Relay race is scheduled for June 20 – 22, 2013. RAGNAR features a crazy 12-person team (or sometimes an even crazier 6-person team) completing a combined run of almost 200 miles along the backside of the Wasatch mountain range – from Logan to Park City! Teams run all day and through [...]

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A Life-Saving Combination

After serving as a military officer in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years, Dell McDonald felt pretty confident that he could handle almost anything. But, when he suffered a stroke one evening in April 2010, he had to rely on his wife, a team of paramedics, and the remarkable staff at St. Mark’s Hospital [...]

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How ER Wait Times are Displayed

Many of you have seen the billboards posted along I-15 promoting the ER wait times for our family of MountainStar hospitals. If you haven’t seen them yet you must have just moved here, or never travel along I-15. They stretch from Ogden to Spanish Fork, and their glowing red numbers update travelers about the number [...]

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