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69% - the percentage of US adults who are overweight or obese

Prediabetes: the Ultimate Wake-Up Call

If the weatherman told you a storm was coming, you’d carry an umbrella, right? If the landlord said he was turning the water off at noon, you’d shower before then, correct? And if your GPS showed two hours of traffic ahead, you’d probably take another route, wouldn’t you? That’s the beauty of warnings. They give [...]

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Getting more exercise from daily activity

Getting More Exercise Out of Daily Activities

Most people thing it is difficult to find time to exercise, but what if it’s easier than you think? What if simple things you do every day could act as mini-workouts? Here are a few examples of daily activities that are actually exercise. Get more from walking. When life seems too busy and you find [...]

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The Hot and Cold Game – Do You Ice or Heat a Running Injury?

If you’re an avid runner, you might want to take some time away from training for a few minutes to read this: Running is awesome exercise. It’s good for your heart and great for your soul (especially when you’re running a relay with teammates!), but getting injured during a run isn’t good or great. So [...]

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Hydration How To’s

Salt. The familiar taste trickles down your rough, cracked lips in small beads of sweat from your upper lip. With each new strike of the foot, small dust clouds rise up from the dry dirt. Your muscles feel weak, your body tired, and the pounding of your head seems to pulse in sync with the [...]

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Cramp…That Hurts!

How to Avoid Running Cramps Ever been in a groove while running? Early morning air, sun rising over the mountain, and you just think: Life’s good. That is until the sharp pain runs through your body. The cramps begin—how frustrating! Did you know that as many as 39 percent of distance runners may experience a [...]

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