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Healthy Holiday Habits to Keep You on the Nice List

Holiday weight gain is on everyone’s naughty list. It is estimated that people of average weight gain one pound during Thanksgiving and overweight people gain an average of two pounds—and that’s just from one day of eating! What do we when there is a whole holiday season to follow?! Starting as early as Halloween and [...]

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Taking the Scary out of Halloween

Halloween officially kicks off the scariest time of year for our weight. Some of the spooks lurking around the corner seem mild compared to the beckoning candy dish at home or in the office. With as little as an extra 100 calories each day, most adults can experience the scale creeping upward before they even [...]

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Weight Management for the Holidays

The feasting season is in full swing. Actually, the feasting starts with Halloween and extends past the holidays to Super Bowl parties and Valentine’s Day. What’s a person to do if you have fought hard for the past year to lose weight or are trying to maintain a hard won weight loss?  The temptations of [...]

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